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The Sky - Olympian City 2


Completion: 2014

Nature: Cinema

Location: Tai Kok Tsui

No, of Houses: 6

No. of Seats: 1047

GFA: 2,415 SQM

The Sky is a loft and hotel style cinema at Olympian City 2. Concept originated by IDDI, we act as a local coordinator to support detailed design and project management.

We partnered with IDDI as a local coordinator to design The Sky with a hotel concept.

Black glass and LED strip lighting has been combined to produce a powerful and dramatic entrance for the visitors. As they transcend the escalator to the ticket concierge they are greeted with a video wall showcasing movie trailers that leads them straight to the ticketing and gourmet lounge. A mixture of textures such as wood, tiles and carpet throughout the interior has been used to create a stylish and modern cinematic experience even before the visitors enter the theatre screen.

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