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Golden Harvest V Walk

Golden Harvest V Walk Cinema is situated in West Kowloon, with a newly-opened shopping mall that gathers the majority of young ages and upper-class residences. To offer the viewers an enchanted cinema experience, we have dedicated the V Walk Cinema a concept with a unique 80’s art in a modern way, by fusion of the Art Deco and Bauhaus styles in the spaces.

The customers are ushered by the bronze aluminium cladding entrance together with two full-height display screens, which stand as the gesture of an entrance door and passerby can have a glimpse of the lobby interior. Entering the lobby, the up-scaled patterns and bold ceiling features are there together to greet the customers and define the use of space. A variety of materials in earth tone colors to give a warm ambiance that resembles with the shopping mall as a whole.


The corridor is only the beginning of your journey into the houses, it serves as a transit platform for viewers to get prepared before going into the cinema houses. We have used a darker tone in this space, yet the checker pattern carpet, enormous house number signage, and the chromed metal mesh ceiling feature are still responding to the design style.

We have also designed a Feature Theater for Golden Harvest V Walk, also known as the ‘Home’ house because it has been designed with a unique composition of Morocco, inspired by the movie Casablanca. With 64 leather seats surrounded by printed pattern carpet and brown-toned wall fabrics to capture a warm and relaxing atmosphere. A digital fireplace is also added to emphasize homely scenery.

All Theater have been designed with a different style, using similar colors of grey and beige fabrics and carpet; a touch of blue suede has been used to create a different character for each of the houses.

The toilet uses the same colors of grey, blue and black that are combined to create a calm atmosphere. The use of white around the interior helps creates depth and brings in light.


Completion: 2019

Nature: Cinema

Location: V Walk Shopping Mall, Hong Kong

No. of Houses: 5

No. of Seats: 419

GFA: 1500sqm

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