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The Platter

A Train Station inspired restaurant - to create an atmosphere of people waiting for their next train but in actual fact they are actually enjoying a nice meal at this restaurant. This is distributed from the use of smooth curves paired with straight lines to visually create a station interior. We believe this is a unique design situated inside Hotel Cozi.

Use of neutral colour & wood

The bright lights and neutral shades of grey and oak creates the perfect ambience for people to enjoy their food and drinks. Neutral colour is used to create a relaxing and elegant themed restaurant that is consistent throughout the Hotel.

Use of neutral colour & wood

Instead of locating in the corner of restaurant, the private room is designed as a cylindrical space at the centre, for large group of customers to enjoy food and drinks in a private and elegant area. The sliding door of the private room is specially designed to make use of the space.

The use of oval shapes can be seen in the ceilings to create an illusion of length and openness. The feature ceiling in the buffet corner is one of the most distinctive elements of the design. Part of the linear lines on the ceilings is designed to be concave, in order to enhance the height of the area.

Throughout the restaurant, a various use of geometric shapes and materials have been used to create excitement and enhance space. The metal lining of the table and special corner cut-off provide a modern ambience for the furniture.


Completion: 2018

Nature: Restaurant

No. of Seats: 150

Location: Hotel Cozi, Hong Kong

GFA: 440 SQM

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