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The essence of Europe you can taste and feel

The interior design concept of this shopping center project is carefully crafted to transport shoppers into a vibrant and diverse European market experience. The sleek and contemporary materials used in the space provide a modern twist on the traditional European market design, while still maintaining a sense of history and character through the use of repurposed wood and brick.

The color palette is carefully curated to create a refreshing and inviting atmosphere, with St. William Street Green and burgundy red evoking the lush greenery and warm ambiance of European markets. The use of natural light and large windows also contribute to the bright and airy atmosphere of the space, providing a comfortable and welcoming environment for shoppers.

To further enhance the immersive experience, interactive displays and digital signage are placed throughout the space, allowing customers to engage with the products and brands in a unique and engaging way. Vintage and antique decor elements are carefully curated and placed throughout the space, adding a sense of charm and character to the modern design.

The interior design concept of the Hong Kong Tsuen Wan shopping center project is not only visually stunning but also sustainable and eco-friendly. Recycled materials are used throughout the space, and the focus on natural light reduces the need for artificial lighting. The result is a unique and memorable shopping experience that is both visually appealing and environmentally conscious.


Nature: Shopping Mall, Facade, Interior and Space Planning

Location: Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

Size: 4100 sqm

Completion: Feb 2023

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