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A brand new luscious journey begins at Peony with panoramic views of Discovery Bay. The design represents good fortune, prosperity and honor as one enters the space.

The colour red is derived from the signature Peony flower - Buckeye Belle, juxtaposing with the skyline and striking bronze accents in the interior. Rich colours of buckeye belle red, shades of grey from upholstery and bronze-coloured metallic partitions set the perfect ambience for the dining space. Peony exudes the warmth and familiarity of a traditional Chinese restaurant with the refinement and elegance synonymous with the king of flowers - peony.

Crowning the main dining lobby with a Peony-inspired ceiling feature, rays of sunlight shift as the day passes by. The transitional movement surrounds the interior with warmth and light as they pass through the corolla curves.


Nature: F&B

Location: Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

Size: 1200 sqm

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