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StagE is a new brand of Golden Harvest Cinema that is situated in Tuen Mun Town Plaza. Our concept is to combine 20th Century French Art Deco with a Contemporary style in the cinema design, giving a brand new experience to the guests

Art Deco x Contemporary Style

Clean, simple linings and clear-cut patterns are adopted to correspond with natural marble and wooden materials. To create a modern dynamic interior space, the use of metal and crafted glass in the details take the whole design to another level by indulging unique Art Deco style to the cinema.

The concept of "Chandelier"

A huge deformed Chandelier as the main feature of the box office, the light cast reflections on the floor and ceiling to diffuse artistic atmosphere throughout the interior. The magnificence and elegance become the attraction and that’s where the focus point stands.

VIP room - “BackstagE”

At the back of the box office, customers may sneak peek the VIP room called “BackstagE”, where craft glass and crude wood interior are used as insulation layer, creating a looming effect which triggers customer’s curiosity and ambitions.

Theatrical design of cinema houses

To provide an exclusive experience, we applied theatrical design concept within the cinema houses. This creates a harmonized and solemn atmosphere to allow audience to indulge in the movie not just as an entertainment but also an artistic activity.


Completion: 2018

Nature: Cinema

Location: Tuen Mun

No. of Houses: 4

No. of Seats: 489

GFA: 1400 SQM

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