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Noodle Stand

Noodle stand is a restaurant located in one of the most intensive shopping district in Hong Kong - Causeway Bay; that serves traditional Chinese style noodle soup. In the past people would push wooden carts selling noodles around corners of Hong Kong. Therefore we wanted to recreate this tradition into a modern concept.

Neon signage has been chosen to highlight the main entrance as it is a distinctive signature of the past Hong Kong. Colourful features are covered everywhere, as we want to infuse excitement for everyone.

Especially in the staircase, you will find the seasoning sauce labels from local and different brands; these are authentic pictures, a way of reminding customers how much Hong Kong has evolved by reflecting on the past with the present.

The feature ceiling in the dining area is one of the most distinctive elements of the design. Since Wonton is one of the most ordered item in the menu, we decided to interpret this delicious food as an abstract figure spreading it over the whole restaurant.​

​In order to let the customers understand what goes on behind the scenes of the cooking process, we have decided to incorporate an open kitchen. We wanted this area to stand out and illustrate a wooden cart-look, therefore used winnow baskets around the area and decorated it with ingredients, cooking equipments and chopsticks.


Completion: 2015

Nature: Restaurant

Location: Causeway Bay

No. of Seats: 48

Level: 2

GFA: 156 SQM


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