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Noble Park Hotel


Completion: 2013

Nature: Hotel

Location: Yau Ma Tei

Levels: 16

No. of Rooms: 74

GFA: 3,445 SQM

We have designed this boutique hotel with a European inspiration by using strong and bold colours to create a combination of sophistication and simplicity.

The lobby introduces a hip-meets-nostalgic atmosphere from the combination of dark colours and abundant metallic materials. The tall pillars and windows help enhance the height of the room. The chic doesn’t stop there, as you walk into the grand reception visitors are greeted at the desk with a large marble table in the middle of the room for that warm and welcoming atmosphere. Tailor made furniture and elegant decorations express the 60’s classy style.

The more you travel, the more you want a hotel that is comfortable and relaxing for you to end ones eventful day. That is why we have designed the rooms to be simple, contemporary and have an unfussy feel for the visitors to be able to enjoy a nights rest. Different shades of black are used in the room and the en suite to keep it stylish and consistent with the rest of the hotel.

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