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Hotel Ease

Inspired by the 1920 New York City - the commercial heart of America, with the growing of businessmen, traders and planters. The city has impressed people with profession so large that the amount of quality lodging establishments began to emerge.

Themed by Art Deco

Hotel Ease explores an Art Deco theme, a movement that has a distinguished style of simple and clean lines with bold geometric forms. This can be seen on the lobby flooring, using black patterned marble arranged in handcrafted planks to create a dynamic look.

Formal and professional ambience

Behind the reception, the square frame décor is made of brass stainless steel – slim, straight and tough, a combination of delicacy and harshness to emphasis the professions of New York. The unique silver-grey timber veneer is the main wall-finishing that surrounds the hotel, this veneer is visually shinny and carries the raw texture of wood grain, transforming the place into a high-ended hotel.

Stepping back in old New York

The corridors are decorated with paintings, bicycles and old fashioned suitcases and cameras for an authentic look and make the guests feel as though they have stepped back in time of New York.

Support to local art

The corridors on each floor have been turned into an art gallery, featuring works by local artists, as part of the hotel's support of art development.

Classic and elegant guest rooms

The hotel of 160 rooms is furnished with a combination of black, white and navy blue, a formal color palette, that can be associated with professionals, to create a classic and elegant ambience. The room numbers are designed in a unique font for a touch of Deco. The hotel also includes a restaurant, gym facility and a terrace garden on the 3rd floor for guests to relax and enjoy their stay.


Completion: 2017

Nature: Hotel

Location: Tsuen Wan

Levels: 22

No. of Rooms: 160

GFA: 20385 SQM


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