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Hotel COZi

Hotel COZi is designed into a comfortable and refreshing accommodation in Kwai Chung district for people to retreat from busy life and fast pace. Guests are welcomed with a grand and cozy reception and lobby area that have been decorated with plenty of greenery combined with industrial elements for that unique first impression.

The principle concept behind Hotel COZi is to bring in nature elements from the outside into the interior combining it with industrial materials such as the metal bars on the ceilings in the lobby area because we wanted to create a unique atmosphere.

We have created a very warm and welcoming environment in the main lobby area by using light and nature-like colors on the walls and floor. We have surrounded the entrance with glass walls to let in natural lighting as it makes the entrance look even grander and tranquillity. On both sides of the lobby, we have created two slightly different lounge areas but both have the same cozy and comfortable atmosphere for the customers to relax in.

Inspiration from nature

Looking at the logo of Hotel COZi, one may find that the lines and patterns are emulating the plant roots, stems and leaf veins. The pattern of the logo, which symbolizes the power of nature, is adopted around the interior including ceilings, flooring, walls, room numbers.

Elegant ambience in The Elite Suite

As the pinnacle of Hotel COZi, the Elite Suite is designed with its understated elegance. The interior is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for guests to relax. Black, grey and white color tone is adopted to give an elegant atmosphere.

The interior is separated into two areas by contrasting the color tone - dim and bright. Guests could enjoy a home-like stay in the Elite Suite - unwind in the living area and then take a rest in the bed.

Natural atmosphere in the COZi floor

The guest rooms in the COZi floor are decorated in a contemporary palette of natural colors- grey, white, wooden color in textured fabrics as soothing to the spirit as they are to the eye. The interior furnishings are designed with restfulness and comfort in mind.

Massive use of wooden materials in the Spa Room

As the main materials for the interior of Spa Room, wood is massively used from floor, table, wall to the ceiling. The use of wooden texture connects the guests to the mother nature so that guests could relax and enjoy the spa as through in the natural environment


Completion: 2018

Nature: Hotel

Location: Kwai Chung

Levels: 26

No. of Rooms: 583

GFA: 30,000 SQM

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