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Hotel 108

We have created an artless ambience to Hotel 108, which is located in the heart of Mong Kok. Bright pastel walls with various textures and materials of matte and marble have been chosen because we wanted the hotel to feel comfortable yet look stylish.

We have chosen the oval shaped decor for the ceilings in the lobby and the corridors to create an illusion of length and openness. The use of juxtaposition of marble and wood materials helps create a contrast by giving the hotel an individual character.

The color combination of turquoise, white and grey can be seen in the rooms because we wanted the color palette of the hotel logo to flow through the interior. These colors create a relaxed and cosy environment for the customers.


Completion: 2016

Nature: Hotel

Location: Mong Kok

Levels: 22

No. of Rooms: 61

GFA: 2,809 SQM


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