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Lips Restaurant

The design inspiration comes from the time of Pop Art Movement, by using wall stickers and bold colours to create a trendy atmosphere for the restaurant. We have kept the colours to a minimal by using sharp colours of white, black and red. The boldness of the red helps connote the name of the restaurant - Lips.

We decided to use neon signage because it stands out from the other shops on the same street as well as it flowing with the pop art theme inside the restaurant. We have used bricks to create a void for the 3M stickers to create depth and a 3D effect, making the restaurant eye-catching from the outside. More over using mirrors against one side of the wall enhances the restaurants space, as well as including different graphics of lips, a woman and light boxes to produce a stylish and cool environment. To complete the design we have furnished the interior with modern style chairs and tables for a contemporary atmosphere.​

​The restaurant has an open bar connecting to the indoor dining area, thus being a great advantage for the flow of visitors’ circulation and better operation planning. To show the connection we have used the same colour palette throughout the restaurant to keep it consistent.


Completion: 2015

Nature: Restaurant

Location: Sai Wan

Levels: 1

No. of Seats: 63

GFA: 105 SQM


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