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Kyoto Matcha Cafe


Completion: 2014

Nature: Restaurant

Location: Tsim Sha Tsui

Levels: 1

No. of Seats: 35


A matcha themed Japanese café for green tea lovers. Inspired by the green tea leafs, piece by piece, floating gently and slowly, our design of Kyoto Matcha Café, Tsim Sha Tsui features in its irregular abstract leaf movement.

The main concept comes from the logo itself; the different shades of green and brown to the combination of wood and veneer materials is to capture that nature ambience and emphasis the selling point – green tea. We believe that this is a unique and creative design, because we have sculptured the café to look like tea leaves that you would often see at the bottom of your cup.

We also designed the carpet to compromise the theme of the café and to create a warm and cosy atmosphere whilst the visitors enjoy their drink and food.

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