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Joo de Rolls

A combination of adorable and lady-like with a hint of class and elegance for a fresh design within this Japanese-French dessert serving restaurant located at Tsim Sha Tsui.

The three main colours used are mint green, gold-orange and grey-blue to enhance a sweet and harmonised environment. We have also added a touch of rose gold around the tables and counter desk to create a posh and luxurious finish.

The logo is inspired by the name - Joō de Rolls , with 'Joō' meaning queen in Japanese Therefore we have interpreted this by using its main seller, churros to create a crown-like shape. From this design, it lead to creating interesting patterns that we decided to use around the interior to create an individual concept and create a fusion of Japanese and French.

We wanted to create a welcoming atmosphere, by having the counter table situated at the entrance to lure customers in and let them see fresh churros being made, alongside ice-cream and other beverages. With the addition of floor-to-ceiling windows that lets in natural lighting creates a warm ambience.


Completion: 2016

Nature: Restaurant / Cafe

No. of Seats: 56

Location: Tsim Sha Tsui



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