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Golden Harvest Citywalk

Golden Harvest Citywalk has been designed with a new experience of a modern cinema, which gives off a chic, hip and elegant atmosphere. ​

​We have used the public corridor that runs through the centre and combined it with the surrounding public space with a sculptured ceiling, by using an organic form and a dynamic design to create a pattern that flows throughout to unify the same space and creating a smooth orientation for the customers.

The entrance uses various types of materials such as rose gold-anodized stainless steel, walnut timber, white aluminium cladding, tinted glass for the lighting feature and a combination of marble flooring, by incorporating all these materials together transforms the interior into a superior and stylish cinema.


Completion: 2016

Nature: Cinema

Location: Tsuen Wan

No. of Houses: 5

No. of Seats: 648

GFA: 1,657 SQM


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