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Earphone Retail Store Concept

Nowadays, the earphone industry is dominated by a few well-known brands. For people who want to buy new brands, most of them purchase in online shops while they have limited access to experience the new brands products.

Focusing on the customer experience Targeting on the young customers who seek for innovative products and want to experience the earphone before purchase, our design concept of this shop is to focus on the customer experience and introduce them the products of the new brands in the earphone industry.

Earphone laboratory x Sports ground The design idea is inspired by the nature of earphone - they are always being paired up so we emphasize symmetry throughout the interior. We would like to bring the customers to an earphone laboratory where they can explore the new earphone brands here. We also incorporate the concept of sports ground to symbolize the motion experience of earphone products. The interior design provides an experimental journey which allows customers to experience and compare the products through different experimental scenes.


Nature: Electronic Retail Store

Branding Geographic Coverage: Asia

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