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Piaget Society Club


The Design Concept of the Piaget society club is based on the Luxury and Stylish Maison that welcomes all jewelry, art lovers, and fans to enjoy the private moment & special experience that resonates with Piaget.

Throughout the whole space, you will find different characteristics of Piaget, From Men to Ladies, Modern to Artistic, Vibrant, and Harmony. Just as Piaget’s Jewelry and watch designs are full of excitement and capture every moment of nature, Art, and Life. As you walk up from the stairs, you will be surrounded by feature walls that sit in an angulated position, both highlighted with Piaget Brand Theme colors, Blue and Gold.

The wall setting provides a dynamic introduction that reflects the nature of the brand and it represents a welcome home gesture for all Piaget fans around the world. At the private jewelry exhibition area, a calm & soft setting was designed but still maintains an artistic sensation, the main idea is to create a very comfortable and stressless space for the guest to appreciate the Jewelry art piece.

Inside the Workshop, you will find a Watchmaking desk like the one you can find in the Piaget Watch factory from Geneva, to further enhance such experience, a virtual window projecting the view of Geneva is situated right at the watchmaking area.


Nature: ClubHouse

Location: Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Central, Hong Kong

Size: 100 sqm

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