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TY Wider Building

​A bright, mellow and refreshing interior for Tsun Yip Street that is located in the heart of Kwun Tong, a town with an industrial history. Therefore we challenged ourselves and transformed this building with a translucent design to stand out from its surrounding buildings.

The juxtaposition between the old and new can be visible from the facade, by using glass material at the entrance instantly makes the interior wider and creates visual space.

Throughout the interior we have used a mixture of materials and patterns to emphasise a unique and individual design, for example using Japanese-like fixed partitioning on the walls and intricate details with our tailor-fit door handles. We wanted to create and highlight the different areas and spaces to give this building a character of it’s own.


Completion: 2016

Nature: Mixed Commercial

Location: Kwun Tong

Levels: 13

GFA: 9,100 SQM


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