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Each CBRE office has its own identity around the world. Although they all share the same core value, it is also very important to define their different characteristics locally. Each office in different locations could express their own culture and uniqueness. Therefore, we are seeking for a unique concept for the Hong Kong Office, to be definitely Hong Kong.

We understand that although the Office is located in Hong Kong, the Audience will not only be restricted to the local. So that we have come up with a concept that is very Hong Kong, which is a design style that could balance between worldwide audiences.

Introducing Bing Sutt 冰室 as the concept for the CBRE Hong Kong Office is because Bing Sutt 冰室 has always been addressed as an attraction for foreigners as well as a home local gathering place to exchange information.

They own the character of being efficient, hard-working, a great place for a business gathering and exchange information among the neighborhood. Its an abstract way to present CBRE’s Core Values:- Hard-Working, Business Gathering, We get our Hands Dirty, Glocal, Passionate and Social.

​In terms of styling, we have used Contemporary and Avant-Garde Style to embrace the Idea of Bing Sutt 冰室. From extracting the principal elements, such as Mosaic, On-wall Menu, Signage, Outline and Lighting. They allow us to reconstruct them back, with a more modern approach, infused with clean layout and form, we have turned Bing Sutt冰室 from the old days to the future.​


Nature: Office

Location: Pacific Place 1, Hong Kong

Head Counts: 168

GFA: 2000 sqm

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