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NeoDerm - Timesquare

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

A world-class company in the medical beauty industry with a relentless spirit to pursuit excellence. Modern offers 2 individual aesthetic treatment brands, NOOS and Gratus, both strive for medical advance as well as comfortable luxury experience to their customers. From clean perfect geometry to immense gesture, the design concept represents the process of revealing hidden gem from its crystal form.

The mining and polishing reflect the true beauty of every single customer and offer the best among the industry, just like the hidden gem among all kinds of minerals. The multiple gold color coated layer of aluminum panels represents the gradation of changing beauty moments in one’s self.

The variety of white textures define the use of materials like textile wallpapers, technical stones, and different types of marbles in several areas. Indirect lighting was carefully drafted using light trough instead of sensitive lighting to avoid over-exaggerated impression.

The collaboration of materials and the concept express itself through considerate details from the lobby to every corner of the treatment rooms. At the end of the day, we only wanted to provide a professional, comfortable yet extravagance environment for all users.


Completion: 2019

Nature: Beauty Service Centre

Location: Times square, CWB, Hong Kong

No. of Rooms: 40

GFA: 1300sqm


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