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We have come out with a concept for L'OCCITANE skincare store. The design concept is to express the brand's message - Culture, Passion, Nature and Love - at the same time, enhance the connection between customers and the mother nature when the nature seems hard to reach nowadays.

To express the message of "True beauty is timeless"

Considering the brand's commitment to preserve the breathtaking natural environment that never ceases to amaze, we have proposed to use the "Immortelle Flower" as a key interior solution - dried flowers are preserved inside colorless resin cubes to symbolize the message of "True beauty is timeless".

The counter - a blooming flower

The counter at the centre of the store is designed to emulate a blooming flower, centralizing the consultation area, experience area and sales area. The resin cubes is spreading out from the counter, symbolizing the natural beauty essence that is collected and distributed from Provence to worldwide through the effort and spirit of L'OCCITANE.

Combination of different materials

Adopting the brand color - yellow as the main color tone of the interior, several texture and materials - antique brass , bronze and marble might be incorporated to bring out the warm ambience of the mother nature and the connection to new modern era.


Completion: 2018

Nature: Skincare Store

Location: Asia


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