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Millie's - Interior and Branding Concept

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

The 2019’s Concept for Millie’s Shoe Boutique, is to create a comfortable, cozy and carefree environment for the customers to pick their favorite pair of shoes. The whole interior design is driven by the idea of a “Shoe Cabinet” and turn the space into a fancy private “Shoe Closet” for the customers. This is shown by crafting three individual function space into areas for shoe display, storage and experience zone; spaces that define simplicity, minimalism, functionality

For this design we have included 30 different materials, from fabric, artificial stones, timber, metal and more. Creating a special design carpet as the centre feature using a mixture of pastel colours to emphasise a comfortable atmosphere. Throughout the interior we have focused on curved edges for a soft and smooth finish. To construct art with basic geometry, we have designed each “Shoe Cabinet” to have their own unique style and display systems to showcase the particular product.


Nature: Fashion Retail Store

Branding Geographic Coverage: Asia-Pacific

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