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Lee Jeans Global Concept 2022

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Lee has known to be one of the worldwide leading denim brands, with a glorious history of 130+ years. To celebrate the spirit and values of the brand, the rebranded shop interior has reimagined the idea of carrying forward the brand by adding modern values to the heritage brand.

The shop design, therefore, comes along with a mix of classic and modern design elements, such as the vintage wooden doors with screen displays at the entrance façade. A majority of metallic silver stainless steel and dark wood finishing has been used for closet fabrication, offering a variety of display wardrobes to represent the modern and vintage zones.

A brand feature to be found in the history wall at the back end of the shop, exhibiting the legends made by the brand in the form of text, vintage products, old posters, and digital graphics, to share the back-bone spirit of Lee to their customers in the store.

A couple of tech-display are applied to the shop displays so to offer a unique shop interactive experience to customers, including the transparent screen that can demonstrate the product and product descriptions at the same spot in multiple layers.


Nature: Retail - Concept

Location: Global

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