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Joy & Peace - Galleria

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

To celebrate Joy & Peace’s 25 years anniversary, Joy & Peace has a new-look and using the sub-branding Joy & Peace Galleria to exhibit their latest Art Piece - Shoes. The new-look uses Blue Blazes as the theme color to demonstrate the event of celebration and excitement, yet, giving a cool new-look as a breakthrough to the original classic and feminism.

Besides the Blue Blazes Theme Color, the angulated geometry, white aluminum, steel, stones panels combine with the matching colors rubber flooring also suggest the freedom and dynamics of modern feminism, this design has a high contrast between Bright and Dark, and the Art Piece will be demonstrated in different zone depends on their characteristic.

​The way of the layout has set in an angle is to further enhance the exhibition experience. By setting it in an angle, the audiences are now having the full view of the space, but giving it all different perspectives as they glance through along the space and appreciate the Art Piece in all angles.


Nature: Retail Branding

Location: Asia Pacific

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