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Golden Harvest Tsing Yi


Completion: 2013

Nature: Cinema

Location: Tsing Yi

No. of Houses: 5

No. of Seats:


Golden Harvest Tsing Yi, the design concept comes from a giant wooden box. To create an exciting and mysterious atmosphere like you would when you are watching a movie for the first time.

As the customers walk through the corridor to the gourmet concierge, the atmosphere differs slightly.there is a warm and harmonic feel as you are in this zone. the feature wall is designed with wooden cargo boxes for a retro contrast; from this we have used wooden materials around the walls leading it straight to the gourmet desk. the ow of this material helps frame the desk making it a focal point in the room and luring the customers to purchase food and beverages.

the box office is also designed with the wooden box concept in mind to keep the theme consistent with the rest of the interior. it is a very dominant area, with simple white lighting used against the black-mirrored stainless steel wall to create a sharp and luxury impression as the customers are purchasing their tickets.

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