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GV Bugis + Cinema

GV Bugis+ Cinema: A Dynamic and Immersive Experience for Young Audiences

GV Bugis+, located in the heart centre of Singapore surrounded by a mixture of educational & commercial environments. As it caters mainly for students & family, the design was using a combination of functionality yet aesthetics approach. Our aim was to create a joyful & cozy atmosphere for the youngsters with modern elements and eye catching color for a new visual impact.

As you enter the lobby, the white & black contrast gives a kick of the modern touch with the dynamic flowing lines linking from the ceiling to the common area. With The dome gesture centerpiece housing the ceiling of the cinema atrium and the pattern tiles flooring, it's like creating a stage-like focus as you walk in from the mall. At the two sides of the lobby, the continuous die cut panels represent the digital form from movies as it becomes the visualization path leading from the lobby escalator up into the movie houses.

Along the house corridor holds these contouring gesture walls, as it leads the customers down to their selected movie flow through the timeless passageway.

When you look up, the horizontal blue lounge café across the 2nd floor definitely catches your eye. “Azul”, in Portuguese means blue. Driven by the proposed Portuguese menu and its signature enamel blue color from the oriental porcelain tiles. The idea of imagination & energetic ambience portraits in the interior. Contrasting the entire blue space from layer arch ceiling with selective furniture's, to the grey monotone passageway corridor. We define the areas to allow the customer indulge in the cinematic atmosphere before entering their movie.


Nature: Cinema, Interior and Space Planning

Location: Singapore

Size: 2500 sqm

Completion: March 2023

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