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Gachi By Kimchee


Completion: 2014

Nature: Restaurant

Location: Tsuen Wan

Levels: 1

Seats: 58

GFA: 196 SQM

We have designed this interior with food factory-look, a unique but also have a rustic concept because as a Korean restaurant that allows customers to cook food for themselves, we want them to feel as though they are in a kitchen cooking their food but also have fun at the same time.

As the concept was to design the restaurant into a food factory interior, we wanted to use materials that create the raw and revealing-look. For that reason we have used concrete flooring, exposed pipes and installed a wide open kitchen area.

The choice of red, black and white has been used to create a sophisticated and sharp look throughout the restaurant. This can also be seen in the VIP area, with the red wood ceiling and bold black walls help frame the room and enhances a chic and comfortable atmosphere.

The main materials used in this design are metal, concrete and wood. We believe that combining these materials together enhances that food factory-look. As the restaurant has a wide entrance, we decided to use bold black for the doors because it's eye-catching as well as it being a classy welcoming for the customers.

Overall we wanted the restaurant to look modern but have a contrast of rustic and new, by juxtaposing rough elements with contemporary furniture, such as black tables, red and white chairs.


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