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Joō de Rolls

Joō de Rolls is an interior project for a Spanish dessert and hand drip coffee serving cafe located in Tuen Mun Town Plaza. Using metallic color tone with geometric patterns, we have created a adorable and luxurious character of the environment.

The name of the restaurant, “Joō”, which refers to 'queen' in Japanese, and its main dish, Churro, informed the restaurant's overall visual language. The design of crown-shaped logo is inspired by the meaning of the name , led to the permutation of modern geometrical patterns that were applied on the counter, floor, mirror and the fence consistently.

Situated beside the cinema - StagE, we have given a welcoming atmosphere to the restaurant in order to lure customers and the audience visiting the cinema. The coffee brewing counter is situated at the entrance, letting customers see how coffee and dessert are made.

To unify the style of the restaurant and the cinema, geometric patterns with metallic finish and similar color tone -gold, gold-orange and silver are adopted throughout the interior to enhance a stylish and posh environment. We have also added a touch of rose gold around the tables and counter desk to create a elegant finish.


Completion: 2018

Nature: Restaurant / Cafe

Location: TMT Plaza, NT, Hong Kong

GFA: 175 SQM

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