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Cinema Design Concept - Kwun Tong

Dark colours is always dominant for a cinema design, but the concept of this cinema has opted for white, pink and rose gold. These chosen colours complement each other gently to create a calm, elegant and feminine ambience.

The atmosphere of romantic movies

With the use of floral patterns, marble, soft lightings and curved lines, the cinema interior is submerged into romantic atmosphere. Females would definitely feel as though are in a romantic movie as they step inside.

Modern x Fantastic style

Not only the ticket box office, the audiences would enjoy a whole new experience in the theaters; where modern and fantastic styles are combined. In addition to popcorns, soft drinks and hotdog, there is a dessert and cake corner selling sweets to dessert-lovers, making a satisfactory experience to the audience.


Completion: 2018

Nature: Cinema

Location: Kwun Tong

No. of Houses: 6

No. of Seats: 843

GFA: 2450 SQM

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