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Lantau Yacht Club

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Lantau Yacht Club, a tranquil area away from the city and infused with a tinge of Mediterranean lifestyle. When the summer sun brightens up the interior through infinite windows in the lobby, a fine touch of ocean blue and pattern gold details contrast with the calm white and natural oak that brings the warmth from exterior to the interior. This gives the space not only an ordinary but exceptional defined ambiance to the customers as they enter from the grand entrance like a yacht of its own.

As you walk in, a grand entrance door was designed with metal pattern details & mirrors reflecting the interior space, this not only serves as an enlargement but with tiled window blinds at the side, it's also redirecting excessive amounts of sunlight giving the space a cool and breezy atmosphere. The yacht spirit flows through the whole club from the iconic round cabin window to the fine rounded corners in all spaces, it gives a continuity throughout the club extending from corridor & open areas to enclosure of offices and upstairs individual rooms. The monotone wooden wall stripe on the first floor dining area also serves as a hint of the deck, giving customers the glamorous feel of overlooking the sea while having their meal within the designed dining cabin.

​From the open area to the VIP entertainment room, this is where the atmosphere transformed from a breezy summer afternoon to a gentlemen's club. The fullness of walnut wood, classy black leather and metal cabinets as well as the velvet cushioned red sofa that fills the room with another level of elegance. The room was specially designed with smart lighting, noise cancelling panels and curved ceiling detail as a package for special events.

Throughout the whole club design, this “cabin” provides an all rounded experience if you’re looking for a summer getaway atmosphere.


Nature: ClubHouse

Location: Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

Size: 710 sqm

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